Diana Copperwhite

Diana Copperwhite is an artist whose work is concerned primarily with memory. Her subjects are identifiable, sometimes drawing on media images and at other times from her own experiences, but she plays with lighting and colour to create a slightly unreal dreamlike quality. The mood of her work is generally lyrical and soft with liquid layered surfaces that create an air of ambiguity. She works over recognisable images, working and reworking the surface so that objects that take on the fluid quality of being remembered rather than frozen in real time.

“Diana Copperwhite constantly mentions a musical logic and a sense of musical notation and tonality as she describes the act of painting. But, on the other hand, she insists that she does not pre-structure, that she allows one colour to suggest another, that the element of gesture and chance is essential as is the flash of insight and the swift ability then to structure it, to carry it out.”
– Colm Tóibín

By this artist