Liam O’Broin

Liam O'Broin - Artist


Liam O’Broin is a “Painter printmaker working mainly in lithography”.  Painting subjects mostly portraits and the landscape.  Work in progress in printmaking – Dantes Divine Comedy a suite of 100 lithographs. The Liminal suite – Painting in acrylics and oils -a suite of large triptychs based on the winter solstice at Newgrange Co. Meath.”

By this artist

Liam O’Broin was born in  1944. His works are in the National collection –Office of Public Works and have been purchased by the Arts Council of  Ireland, also in The Butler Collection Kilkenny and Trinity College Dublin Contemporary Art Collection.  He has worked in several media over the last forty years –firstly in printmaking at Graphic Studio Dublin from 1970 eventually moving to teaching art having graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 1978.

It was at the National College of Art  and Design where O Broin studied tapestry weaving and he subsequently won the Scott- Tallon -Walker prize for a woven tapestry – St. Brendan at the Oireachteas  exhibition in 1980. He also worked with the artist Partick Pye on two woven pieces designed by  Pye in the 1980’s and worked for a time at the Dublin Art Foundry on several of his own bronze pieces in lost wax technique.  In the 1970’s he also took up painting.  O Broin exhibited regularly at the Oireachteas  Art exhibitions in the 1980’s and also exhibited with the Independent Artists.  In 1982 he held a joint exhibition at  Kilkenny Design Dublin with the potter Geoffrey Healy, of decorated plates and jars based on the Song of Songs.   He has regularly exhibited in recent  group shows at Graphic Studio Gallery Dublin, with Leinster Printmakers Clane, Kenny Gallery Galway  and the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo.

Liam O’Broin is currently working on a suite of lithographs based on Dante Alighieri’s  Purgatorio and Paradiso – having completed thirty four lithographs based on Inferno which was the subject of a solo exhibition in Graphic Studio Gallery Dublin, in July 2012 it was also shown at the Italian Cultural Institute Dublin, in April 2013. Inferno will open in January until  March 2014 in University College Cork.