Micheal Farrell

Micheal Farrell was born in County Meath, Ireland in 1940. He studied art at St Martin’s College of Art in London and after returning to Ireland became one of the best known Irish artists of his generation. In the late sixties and seventies he became one of a group of artists who were at the cutting edge of art in Ireland.

He said of his work at this time; “it was preoccupied with Celtic images. I was beginning to make a distinction for myself between objective art and subjective art. Objective art has to do with something outside of yourself, subjective art is when you become the poet as well as the painter.”

Later, partly as a reaction to to the violence in Northern Ireland he began to paint more figuratively as a way to express his feelings artistically.

He moved to France in 1971 where he lived until his death in 2000. He won many awards during his long career and Ireland continued to influence his work. He had many exhibitions in Ireland, Europe and further afield and in fact had his last exhibition at his Dublin gallery in 1998.

The fine art prints shown here were commissioned from the Artist in 1997. Many of Micheal Farrell’s works were humorous and the quotation is reportedly one Joyce made to the painter Patrick Tuohy in 1924 whilst sitting for his famous portrait. After 28 days of sitting relations had become strained and Joyce later included him as a character in Finnegan’s Wake, referring to him as “Ratatuohy”.

By this artist