About Portfolios

The Portfolios on this page constitute a small collection in their own right and are exceptional value. There are produced once a year and contain four original prints by both well and lesser known Irish  Artists. The fifth print is a piece of poetry or prose from a well know Irish writer or poet and is also created specifically for the particular Portfolio. These writers and poets include Seamus Heaney, John Banville, Roddy Doyle, Theo Dorgan and Thomas Kinsella. The Portfolios will continue to be created every year until 2019.

There are only 75 of these Portfolios produced every year and of course only small numbers of older years work are left.

For anyone wishing to begin their collection, to expand their collection or to provide a gift for a special occasion these collected works provide the perfect solution.

Portfolio 2014 • €750

The commissioned artists and writer in 2014 are Yoko Akino, Diana Copperwhite, Ruth O’Donnell, Michael Timmins & John Banville.

Portfolio 2013 • €750

The commissioned artists and writer in the portfolio for 2013 are Pamela Leonard, Liam Ó Broin, Jane O’Malley, Robert Russell & Seamus Heaney.

Portfolio 2012 • €750

The commissioned artists and writer in the Portfolio for 2012 are Niall Naessens, Sean McSweeney, Marta Wakula-Mac, Jennifer Lane & Thomas Kinsella

Portfolio 2011 • €750

The commissioned artists and writer in the Portfolio for 2011 are Louise Leonard, Caroline Donohue, Stephen Lawlor, Martin Gale & Theo Dorgan

Portfolio 2010 • €750

The commissioned artists and writer in the Portfolio for 2010 are Jean Bardon, Carmel Benson, Kelvin Mann, Donald Teskey & Roddy Doyle