Garden of Morpheus

Mick Timmins: Garden of Morpheus, lithograph, €
Medium(s): lithograph

Part of Portfolio 2014, portfolio price €750

Mick Timmins: Garden of Morpheus, lithograph, €
example of print with paper
Mick Timmins: Garden of Morpheus, lithograph, €
simulated sizing of print in a room

Additional Information

Dimensions 11¼ x 7" (28 x 17.5cm)
Paper size 18¼ x 15" (46 x 38cm)
Paper stock
Medium(s) lithograph
Edition size 75

Mick Timmins


Michael Timmins

The prints form a visual diary of sorts. The works are a document to the mundane and the everyday. Most of the photos were taken in transit. Many come from my daily commute. Embarking on these journeys I did not set out with the express purpose to take photographs. In each instance, as my journey unfolded an image presented itself. In the case of regular journeys, I would have passed these points many times. However, at certain times an image would detach itself from the (unconscious) narrative of my journey and demand contemplation. I tried to render these with a cool detachment. The images were captured on whatever camera I had to hand, very often my mobile phone.

I have an overriding interest in light, both natural and artificial. The pieces in the exhibition show this interest. Many of the photographs were taken at dusk or dawn when light impresses itself often by it’s absence, intensity or unique quality.

As a journey is a form of narrative linear and over time, so too is the process developing a Lithograph. This will begin with the original image through proofing to the final state as a working image. There is an attempt to replicate the photographs up to a point. After this point a separation occurs and the lithograph immerges from the photograph as a thing in itself. The lithographs develop their own personality separate from their original photographic image. Similar to the way the original image caused itself to be sep

This current series of works is based on photographs taken over the last 4 years both in my local area and locations in Europe.

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