Inis Ink provides the best of fine art printmaking from Irish artists.

About Inis Ink

Inis Ink (pronounced Inish Ink) is an Irish company that is passionate about visual arts, especially fine art print and work by Irish artists in particular. You will of course find work by other talented artists on our site. was founded by Ian Bewick. Ian has been involved in purchasing and selling art for over 20 years. For a number of years he had an Art Gallery in County Wicklow, Ireland called the OSB. This Gallery exhibited and sold work from many of the best known contemporary Irish artists. In 2007 Ian was invited to join the Board of Directors of The Graphic Studio Dublin, one of the oldest fine art Print studios in Europe. He remained on the Board until 2012 and when he stepped down decided to form Inis Ink to promote work particularly by Irish printmakers worldwide.

For the Collector, whether established or just beginning  to acquire works of art, fine art prints allow access to original work by many major artists at a reasonable cost. Inis Ink offers high quality portfolios to the new or established Collector.

Our aim is to allow the client to view and to buy superb works of art on our site as simply as possible and with a manageable investment.

For the Inis Ink customer wishing to buy a meaningful and substantial gift for a special occasion, an original work of art is the ideal gift.  For the Artist, Inis Ink provides an international showcase for their work.

All works are supplied unframed and are shipped securely and quickly.

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